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Asanka Karunaratne

A Chef with Flair

Asanka Karunaratne is a world-renowned chef, and one of the few to have received an accolade from none other than the Buckingham palace! His work has been inspired by Matt Moran, the legendary celebrity chef from Australia. He has also worked alongside acclaimed chefs such as Ashley Mark Benson, Virendra Bisht, Warren King and Michael Lambi. Before setting on a course to create history with MoMo, Asanka was acclaimed for creating unmatched gastronomic experiences in the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

It's MoMo

At a time when fine dining is all the range in Colombo, MoMo was launched in August 2015 to provide its clientele with a simple and fresh experience, with flair. MoMo began as a fusion between renowned chef Asanka Karunaratne and prominent businessman Balakrshnan Wijendran. With a singular focus on providing its clientele with a hygienic, safe and fresh culinary experience, MoMo also prides itself in being one of the few, if not only restaurants that has taken the initiative to go green. Currently with a policy of using minimal plastic wraps and plans to become 100% independent of the usage of plastic altogether, MoMo is setting an aspirational benchmark to all other restaurants by having the best interests of the environment and its clients at heart. Affordable and classy, MoMo continues to innovate and serve its clients with completely new experiences, redefining fine dining in Sri Lanka.

MoMo is a signature restaurant, which aims to provide you with a unique culinary experience. With a range of offerings that are guaranteed to satisfy your every need, MoMo gives a cozy and comfortable ambience, and offers a dine with the starts experience with its amazing rooftop! The general and daily dining packages covers a wide range of items, and the open kitchen provides the customers a varied selection and allows them to experience their food as and when they are made! Weekends at Momo are a special affair, with live music and the special ‘sri lankan street food buffet’ on Sundays. MoMo is situated in Wattala.